Tennessee is blessed with an abundance of natural resources; among the most beautiful are the various hardwoods that have been quietly growing in these hills for generations. As cities reach out to claim more and more land, these old growth trees are disappearing. A few find new life as useful objects in and around our homes and businesses. We at Old Hickory Stick try to perpetuate that new life.

Our gallery will give you an idea of how local trees can live again as hand spun bowls, platters and vases, or hand crafted furniture. Each item is unique, as is the tree from whence it came. Each one is hand shaped in an attempt to let the tree tell part of its story. Some have found new homes, others are coming to life each week, though it may take a while to put pictures up on the site. We welcome comments, especially those that lead to adoption of our wooden children.

If you are interested in adoption, please feel free to click here to contact us.

Please bear with us as this site is under construction. We will soon have many more pictures and lots of information for you to peruse.